Welcome to AumYoga

Aum Yoga 成立於2012提拱不同種類的瑜伽教學及證書課程包括美國瑜伽聯盟RYT 200小時瑜伽導證書RYT 500小時瑜伽導師證書、空中瑜伽導師證書德國4DPRO Fitness教練證書等每年亦舉辦多次瑜伽遊學團


Aum Yoga  established in year 2012. The 500 hours teacher training programme was organized by US Yoga Alliance. We provided different certificate courses as RYT 200 TTC, RYT 500 TTC, Aerial TTC and German 4D PRO Fitness Trainer Certificate. Yoga Tour Retreats visit different yoga schools are also held every year

Our Mission isto combine tradition with modernity, share yoga and provide high quality yoga teacher training program.

Is time to get your life in balance, Namatse!